The Bloom Bar

Fresh flowers, locally grown

Sunday Bloom Bar

Once our orders are made and our subscriptions fulfilled, we may often have more to share.

Our Sunday evening Bloom Bar will showcase a variety of flowers and foliage including our premium blooms such as Specialty Sunflowers, Peonies, and Dahlias.

Flowers are cut and displayed by varietal in buckets for our guests to shop

Bloom Bar Pricing

$1- $8

per stem
“by the stem” and “by the bunch” (when available)

(pricing and variety vary through the season)

Create your bouquet and we will help you arrange it and wrap it.

– Or –

You can bring your own clean bucket or choose from a variety of vessels for purchase to proudly display your bouquet in your home.

The Sunday Bloom Bar runs from mid July to the end of season and will be open from 5 pm to 8 pm or until we run out of blooms. Because this is dependent on our weekly harvest availability, we will post updates on Facebook, Instagram, and our website so be sure to check for our opening announcement and before attending.