Flower Care

Fresh flowers, locally grown

Flower Care

These few simple tasks will reward you with pretty flowers for longer!

Place flowers in a clean container – A clean container that is sanitized and free of debris will keep the flowers from premature aging and the stems from getting clogged, which will result in better water intake.

Cut about 1/2 an inch off the stems before placing them in water – The stems of the flowers most likely dried out some during their journey to your home, exposing fresh tissue will help them be able to take up water better. Be sure to use clean and sharp scissors or pruners for a clean cut.

Farm to Vase Flowers need water! – Upon arrival, place flowers in a full vase of water. Be sure to check the water level twice a day, especially during the first two days. Fresh cut flowers are still alive and require lots of water to keep them happy. Then give them fresh water every two to three days.

Strip any foliage that will sit below the water line – Foliage sitting in the water will rot and make the flowers in turn rot.  

Don’t place flowers in direct sunlight or heat – The sunlight will signal the flowers to further mature resulting in less vase life.

Don’t place flowers near ripening fruit or vegetables, such as bananas or apples – The release of ethylene from the fruits/veggies can affect the flowers and cause them to wilt and wither away much faster.

Re-cut the stems when you change the water – This goes back to exposing that fresh tissue for better water intake.

Use flower food and preservative.