You Pick Flowers 

Fresh flowers, locally grown

You Pick Flowers

Visit our Flower Farm right here in West Kelowna to try our You Pick Flowers.  Our flower farm is bursting with fresh flowers, fragrant and stunningly beautiful! 

Take a stroll through over 12,000 square feet of seasonal blooms while you decide which ones are going to be for you and then pick as much as you like.  Come alone, come with a friend or come as a family activity and find your favorites from over 70 varieties of fresh flowers blooming through the growing season.  

We HIGHLY RECOMMEND you check our Facebook or Instagram page right before your visit You Pick Flowers. This is where we post the latest up-to-date info if we must cancel any picking days due to poor weather or insufficient blooms for cutting. If this is necessary, we will gladly rebook your picking appointment. 

How does the You Pick Flowers work? 

We do not harvest our flowers in the middle of the day because they are busy gathering energy from the sun and tend to underperform if interrupted.
Wednesday evenings from 5 pm – 8 pm  -&-  Saturday mornings from 8 am – 11 am. 

  • The farm is open for You Pick Flowers through advance admission purchase from season open until frost in September. Admission can be booked through our online ticket purchase or directly with us as soon as our start date is announced. 
  • You Pick Flowers admission is by date and by arrival time. To ensure a comfortable experience for everyone we space arrivals apart in 30-minute increments and book up to 6 spots at each arrival time. 
  • There is no time limit for your pick and most find that anywhere from 30 minutes to one hour is plenty.  
  • Park in the designated area and follow the signs to our You Pick Flowers Welcome Area to have your ticket scanned. Please note: you will feel an uncontrollable urge to skip to the flower garden.  Please don’t! Our insurance agent already has high blood pressure!  
  • Each experience begins with a quick rundown of our flower selection and tips on cutting and handling them properly.  Please note: Because we wouldn’t let you skip, you are permitted to bounce up and down happily at this stage.  
  • We will provide you with a picking bucket filled with fresh water, snips, and a few tips for getting the most from your You Pick Flowers experience. Buckets and snips must be returned prior to leaving the farm. Please Note: You will now have the urge to run to the flower garden BUT you cannot run with scissors! Power walking is permitted but keep the wiggling to a minimum.  
  • In our “You Pick Flowers” field you will find dozens of choices to build your bouquet. A complete bouquet should include greenery, filler flowers, spikes, disks, and focal flowers. Please note: sudden exposure to vast amounts of gorgeous flowers may cause a sense of euphoria. You are not required to contain yourself in any way.   
  • By the Stem Flowers – While the majority of the flowers we grow are available in the You Pick Flowers experience, some require extra care and attention to grow and will be offered for sale by the stem. You Pick Sunflowers are also subject to a $2 premium.  
  • Bulk flowers for purchase - Your purchase of a time slot for You Pick Flowers is designed for gathering a mixed bouquet of our flowers. In order to ensure there is a fair selection for all who attend,  The You Pick Flowers experience is not intended to provide large bulk flower picks or for picking single varieties.  We ask that you refrain from using it this way.  We offer flowers in bulk and in straight run bunches with advance notice and at the prevailing floral pricing.  
  • Once you have picked to your heart’s content, bring your bucket to our Welcome station where you can add on extra flowers by the stem, transfer your flowers to your own bucket or purchase a vase from our selectionWe will count your selection and deduct your ticket purchase price from the total. We accept cash, debit, credit and e transfer for your payment

What should I bring? 

  • Bring your pre purchased ticket. We will scan it when you arrive. 
  • Bring a container or bucket to transport your fresh-picked flowers home with you OR you can purchase a vessel from our selection. 
  • Bring proper attire and accessories for a farm experience: 
    • Bug Spray, Sunscreen and a sun hat are recommended. 
    • You may find that you are most comfortable in pants, capris, shorts, skorts, or long dresses/ skirts. Please Note: Picking flowers requires bending and reaching so…. you get it right? 
    • Wear Practical shoes.  Please Note: We mean practical for a working farm, not practical for a night out dancing, and not practical for flip-flopping! Unless it’s time to aerate our fields, certain heeled shoes can make unwelcome holes in the flower rows and paths. The uneven and soft terrain would make it difficult to walk in heels and you will only embarrass yourself trying to do so.  Please do not wear them to the farm.   

What Should I NOT bring? 

  • Do not bring your pets with you, aside from service animals. (please let us know ahead of time if you will have a service animal with you so that we may prepare). We love fur babies but they are not permitted on the farm and we do not want to see them left in a car in the heat of summer.  
  • Do not bring food or beverages into the You-Pick Gardens, except for water bottles.  We also have cold, bottled water available for purchase. Please use recycle bins for disposal. 
  • Do not bring your potty mouth. Yep, we said that! This is an experience is for everyone to enjoy and, while we do not deny our own liberal use of colorful language from time to time, we refrain from forcing any of our customers to endure this. We ask you to do the same.  
  • Do not bring strollers into the picking gardens. Sorry, the use of strollers is not possible on the uneven terrain around the gardens and in the closely spaced bed rows.   

On-Farm Policies 

(to satisfy all governing bodies and ourselves) 

Please read as you must understand and abide by our On-Farm Policies at all times while you are here. You are required to agree to our policies to make your ticket purchase.  

  • We limit the entrance to the field to those who have purchased admission. You pick flowers experience is for ages 13 and up only. Adults and young persons (over 13) who are not picking, must pay the $10 admission. 
  • Young persons under 13 are admitted free, however, are not permitted to cut flowers on their own.  This is for their protection and the care of our flowers. Our young guests are always welcome to enjoy the flowers and our farm experience with an accompanying parent to assist them. Your cooperation is appreciated.  
  • If you have children with you, please keep them in your care during your visit. Adults found not minding their children may be asked to leave the farm.  Children found wandering on their own or damaging plants may be forced into 2 hours of pulling weeds. 
  • Our flowers are selected for their ability to produce many blooms for your enjoyment, IF properly harvested.  Flowers must NOT be pulled out of the ground, cut to base or torn from the stems.  Please use the snips provided and follow the harvesting directives to avoid damaging or halting a plant’s production.  
  • We expect you will be here during slightly rainy weather and slightly cooler temperatures. We fully understand and appreciate not wanting to pick flowers in the pouring rain and will accept and acknowledge moving your appointment time due to rain. In these cases, we will close picking. 
  • You assume any and all risks when visiting a working farm.  
    • You accept the risk of walking on uneven ground or slippery mud.  
    • The snips we provide are kept sharp to protect the plants we cut. Inattention or improper use will cause injury. 
    • We are also home to flying, crawling, and stinging things. Some we welcome and some just show up anyways. They will be present in the gardens and may cause discomfort for some people.  
    • We have several beehives on the property that house thousands of bees.  Honeybees are not aggressive under normal circumstances. They all have jobs to do and don’t necessarily want to spend time with you, just with the flowers.  Please do not kill our bees as they are our workers.  If provoked, they can sting, and although it is rare, your chances of being stung are higher than they would be in normal circumstances.  If you have a serious allergy anything that may be present on a farm, please notify us.  Also, please tell us if you, or anyone in your party, are carrying an EpiPen. We would feel better being able to help you. There are no EpiPens here at the farm.    
  • A flower farm in bloom provides a fantastic background for taking photos and selfies of your experience cutting flowers. We would appreciate it if you would consider tagging the location or even rating your experience with us.  Should you wish to make our flower fields a backdrop for professional photos, however, please have your photographer contact us to make the appropriate arrangements in advance. 
  • The use of drones without prior consent and accompaniment is strictly prohibited. 

This farm is our home and our livelihood. We have worked hard to be able to share this and are so glad you have chosen to visit us.  Please be respectful.