Flowers are our
constant companions.

Fresh, in bloom and locally grown flowers
perfect for any occasion

Flowers are our constant companions. They can leave us breathless. They relax us, improve our mood, even lower our blood pressure, and decrease anxiety. Their scents evoke memories and fill our homes. They have meaning and increase emotional connections. They are with us in all of life’s important moments. Flowers make us happy.

Located in the heart of the Okanagan Valley in West Kelowna, BC, our small farm offers fresh, locally grown, fragrant flowers to share with residents and visitors in our community. We also offer a full range of floral design services throughout the year. 

Our Flower Offerings

All our floral selections are filled with a freshly picked selection of the highest quality blooms, foliage, and forage. No matter which of our selections suits you, rest assured it will be grown, harvested, and arranged with care.  We pay special attention to ensuring our flowers remain cool and hydrated from the moment they are harvested until they reach their destination and we will provide instructions to ensure you continue to enjoy fresh, long-lasting flowers!